Woody Bradfield – “Love Song”

Music veteran Woody Bradfield has returned to his acoustic roots with the haunting piano ballad “Love Song”.   Stripped down to the basics of grand piano with a 4-piece string ensemble the song evokes imagery and emotion that is instantly relate-able and recognizable without being a cookie cutter piano ballad.  The first line of the song “lying on the corner of your bed, watching the taillights flash on by” sets a rich tapestry that is the backdrop to one of his most somber tunes written to date.  The message of being unable to control whom you fall in love with is a returning theme in his earlier work and “Love Song” is a welcomed throw back to his acoustic roots.  Like a warm blanket on a cold night his lyrics engulf you with a feeling of warmth while the haunting accompaniment of violin, viola, cello, and bass stoke the fires of regret.  Although “Love Song” may not be the usual acoustic based rock that fans have come to expect from him in recent projects it is a song that seems current and timeless at the same time.  If you can’t relate to this song then you haven’t ever been in love.