Winchester Supreme – “Gonna Get Lit”

Winchester Supreme is back in full force with their anthem “Gonna Get Lit”.  The boys from Detroit are in their element once again with a four-chord strummer that screams to be cranked to 11.

Front man, Steven “Smiley” Pegg, has a voice that commands attention and easily drives the chorus into a frenzied top of your lungs sing-along usually reserved for long car rides and drunken parties.  “Gonna Get Lit” is a bar bands wet dream with a hook that is instantly remember-able and repeatable while the main guitar riff implants itself in your brain like an insidious earwig that just won’t leave its new home.

Even after one listening the song becomes a part of your memory that begs to be released.  If you only had one dollar for the jukebox then this song is definitely going to give you your moneys worth.

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