Voodoo Child – “Wasteland”

Growing up on the mean streets of Phoenix may not instill much fear in the average person but after listening to “Wasteland” by Voodoo Child it is obvious that it had an indelible affect on this young rap wizard. Although Voodoo Child has only been on the scene for 2 years it is unfair to call him “an up and comer” as it is obvious he already arrived and has setup shop.

From the old school trap beat that sets an undeniable head bobbin rhythm to the bone rattling bass of the intermittent 808’s this track is full of vocal nuance that only be captured after multiple listens.  The hook is reminiscent of a classic west coast groove but trying to categorize this song to one sub-genre would be doing an injustice to this musical masterwork.

Voodoo Child seamlessly switches between cadences and meter as dictated by the change in backing drums but at no point does it become disjointed or jarring.  His flow is consistent and even.  Listening to Voodoo Child is a master class in vocal control with all stacks and double-ups present in the mix without overpowering the main vocal track.

Wasteland” is a song that provides a keen insight into the hardship of growing up poor no matter what city you are from.  It is obvious that Voodoo Child has a unique voice and a message that needs to be heard.

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