Strikelane – “After the Fall”

Strikelane has a raw, yet polished sound in their rocker “After the Fall”.  From the first blaring octave chord “After the Fall” grabs a hold of your viscera and refuses to let go.

It’s obvious that this band has attained a unique powerful sound that is rare to find in a bare-bones three piece band.  The vocals have a distinct quality that portrays the angst of the songs subject matter.

The song starts with an octave guitar riff that quickly builds as each instrument comes in.  The cymbal line is crisp and airy and gives the track a much needed lift at the higher frequencies.  Strikelane has mastered the dramatic pause, as a single drop beat accentuated by a cymbal chock, heralds in the songs full force as it goes into the hook.

The harmonies blend seamlessly with the main vocal track and give the song a complex harmonization that is not usually heard in the rock format.  It is a sonically powerful song without being to heavy handed in the use of extraneous guitar tracks.  Each guitar track is present and easy to identify which leads to the tightness of the trio both in and out of the studio.

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