Waterboard Alice – “Melt With You”

If you’re going to stop the world and melt with someone then let it be with the Virginia-based studio project band, Waterboard Alice, and their subdued version of Modern English’s 1982 classic “Melt With You”.

Waterboard Alice’s rendition is a darker piano based interpretation laden with down-tempo arpeggiated synth lines that’s driven by a world feel percussion drum element.  The vocals are varied enough to not be a simple cover song but familiar enough to illicit a feeling of nostalgia.

Waterboard Alice’s choice to slow the tempo considerably from the original allows the lyrics more space to be heard and digested in a more thought-provoking matter.  Their cover stays truthful to the 2-chord song structure but that is where the similarity ends.  Forgoing the traditional 8 note riff that dominates the original is a bold move that surprisingly does not detract from spirit of the original track.

In essence, the song is a simple ballad that needed to be retold in a more intimate setting.  If you like your nostalgia with a touch of the new, then this track is well worth your 99 cents.

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